Type: Permanent, full time (40 hours a week)
Posting Date: Sept 1st, 2020
Expiry Date: No Expiry

Position: Marble Setter (NOC 7283)
Company: Creo Stone Inc.
Location: Our business address in Burnaby, BC and multiple job sites throughout Metro Vancouver and the Lower Mainland, BC



Job duties

  • Prepare, measure and mark surface to be covered;
  • Build underbeds and install anchor bolts, wires and brackets;
  • Mix, apply and spread mortar, cement, mastic, glue or other adhesives using hand trowel;
  • Set tiles in position and apply pressure to affix tiles to base;
  • Align and straighten tile using levels, squares and straightedges;
  • Cut and fit tiles around obstacles and openings using hand and power cutting tools;
  • Pack grout into joints between tiles and remove excess grout;
  • Install tile strips;
  • Lay and set mosaic tiles to create decorative wall, mural and floor designs;
  • Mix, lay and polish terra surfaces;
  • Cut, polish and install marble and granite;
  • Remove and replace cracked or damaged tiles;
  • Set stone or marble in place, according to layout or pattern;
  • Set vertical and horizontal alignment of structures, using a weighted plummet, gauge line and level;
  • Drill holes in marble or ornamental stone and anchor brackets in holes; and
  • Smooth, polish and bevel surfaces, using hand tools and power tools.


  • Ability to work with a variety of hand tools (angle grinder, wet saw, drills, mixer)
  • Applicants will require their own transportation
  • Strong work ethic
  • Good physical fitness
  • Ability to work within a team
  • Safety gear (hard hat, steel toe boots, high visibility vest etc.)

Skills requirements – Education and Work experience

  • Education: Secondary school required
  • Work Experience: At least 9 months of experience as Marble Setter, Tile Setter or similar required

Language requirements:

  • Conversational and written English required


  • Extended medical and dental benefits

If interested, please fax or email resumes to Bernice Bedar at:

Note that only selected applicants will be contacted.



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