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Contractor Division

Membership is composed of firms which are engaged in contracting to install terrazzo, tile and stone products; fabricating shops/marble shops
Category A (Volume $750,000 & over) $1,000.00
Category B (Volume $500,000 to $749,999) $900.00
Category C (Volume $499,999 and under) $600.00

Supplier Division (i)

Applicants for membership must sell or manufacture products, services or equipment normally used and purchased by those in the Contractor Members division.

Professional Division (ii)

Category A: Architects, consultants, specifiers and designers - $145.00
Category B: Engineers, technical and testing services who may supply a service to members - $405.00

Suppliers' Branch Offices
Contractor Branch Offices

Membership is available for Supplier division full member branch offices - $180.00

Affiliate Associations

Industry associations that may desire affiliation with TTMAC

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Association Activities & Benefits The TTMAC is an association of individuals and companies working in all facets of the hard surface industry.Contractors, suppliers and professionals come together in the association to establish standards and guidelines to make the industry grow and prosper.TTMAC membership provides these members with a wide array of benefits through information sharing, knowledge development, and interaction with other members.Specific benefits for members include numerous publications, access to the TTMAC website, industry recognition and many other advantages.

Exclusive benefits for all TTMAC members include:

Hardsurfaces Magazine

The official magazine of the TTMAC, this colour publication contains articles of interest written by experts in their field.Each issue is distributed free of charge to thousands of architectural and design firms across the country, promoting the hard surface industry.TTMAC members have the opportunity to target their advertising to potential buyers at discounted rates.

On The Surface

This electronic newsletter is published bi-monthly, and distributed to all members and industry players. In this publication, current and future events are reported, and members are kept up-to-date about developments at the association.

TTMAC E-news

This service is provided free of charge to all members via e-mail, informing them of the most up to date happenings in the industry and the association.

Technical Information

The TTMAC has a comprehensive collection of reliable sources of information and knowledge pertaining to the industry.In its library are publications and articles dating back many years plus catalogues from major industry manufacturers.Do you have a question? Find the answer in the library, or one of the TTMAC’s staff can help you find the answer.

Industry Guidelines

The TTMAC publishes guidelines for the installation of Tile, Terrazzo and Stone.The Maintenance and Specification Guides are periodically revised in order to keep them as up to date as possible as the installation technology changes.


The TTMAC’s website is a wealth of information, with contacts and links to useful websites related to our trade.Members’ names are listed on the site for reference by potential clients.

TTMAC members enjoy increased company visibility through the use of the TTMAC logo on their stationery, their place of business, and company vehicles. A Certificate of Membership can be proudly displayed in your corporate offices. Members’ names are listed on the TTMAC website and various publications, distributed to architectural firms across the country; the website directory lists members and their specialties for easy reference. The Hardsurface Awards program highlights the best projects of the year done by TTMAC members, and promotes them to architects and developers across the country. TTMAC membership tells your clients that you’re committed to staying abreast of the most recent developments in the industry, and that you are committed to quality workmanship.

TTMAC members and their employees can keep up to date with the latest installation guidelines and by attending various seminars given by the TTMAC and their members across the country. TTMAC is an approved CEU provider for both architectural and designer associations. Please see the TTMAC Training Courses on this website.

TTMAC members have numerous opportunities to meet with the other players in their industry and to solve common problems through member groups and TTMAC events such as Social Night.The annual convention is an ideal location to meet and mingle in an informal relaxed atmosphere, while exchanging ideas and thoughts with others in the trade.

TTMAC members have the backing of the association to help them succeed, no matter where they are in their careers.Group Life, Medical and Disability insurance is available to members through the TTMAC.

TTMAC members are actively encouraged to participate on committees such as Specifications and Technical Research, Ways and Means, Inspections and many more.

TTMAC members benefit from the affiliation with other worldwide associations such as the National Terrazzo and Mosaic Association (NTMA), the Marble Institute of America (MIA), the Terrazzo Tile and Marble Guild of Ontario (TTMGO) and several other organizations.

TTMAC members have access via e-mail to numerous experts across the country who are committed to the industry, and are willing to share their knowledge and expertise with other members.Ask the Experts puts you in contact with people who are knowledgeable in all facets of the hard surface industry who are available to answer your questions.

The TTMAC provides a no nonsense, unbiased, inspection service to provide solutions to the client who is experiencing installation or product problems.Experts from the Inspection Committee evaluate the situation and make recommendations aimed at resolving the situation to everyone’s satisfaction.

ASTM C627 Designation. testing available in our Toronto laboratory.

DCOF and SCOF testing available using the BOT3000 Tribometer at our Toronto laboratory.