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Universal Floor Tester


The Universal Floor Tester is a unique machine. This machine is a redesign of the Robinson type Floor Tester and is capable of carrying out the test for an ASTM C-627 designation. The ASTM test is designed to verify the suitability of a flooring system for a particular type of installation. The test method consists of preparing installation slabs that duplicate the type of installation under consideration, subjecting them to one or more tests, and evaluating the results in a prescribed manner. This test method provides a standardized procedure for evaluating performance of floor tile installations under conditions similar to actual specific usages.

A method to test long-span joists, underlayment, bonding material, tile, and grout was required. There was also a need to test a concrete understructure/base. In order to test anti-fracture membranes and the result of concrete cracking, it was necessary to design a split slab method. The Universal Type Floor Tester was designed to meet all of these requirements. This tester can slowly open a split the slab or it can be set to fast acceleration.

The new design allows for suspended floors to be assembled and tested at almost any given length and construction height up to 1,015mm (40"). Engineered wood assemblies with spans up to 4,573mm (15') or even longer can now be tested, and valuable data such as curvature of the span, deflection, twisting, and vibrations can all be monitored. Post-tension and pre-stressed slabs will be able to be tested fully suspended under the carriage of the tester.

The split slab mechanism capability of the tester is specific to this tester and is not known to be duplicated by any other testing apparatus currently available.

Revenue gained by our Association will allow us to increase expenditures on Research and Development and provide the ability to produce accurate specification guides

Concrete Substrate Only.Tile -12mm+ quarry tile, 7mm+ pocelain tile or packing house tile
Installation -309F-2002, 301F-2002, 311F-2002

Concrete Substrate Only. Tile -12mm+ quarry tile, 7mm+ porcelain tile or packing house tile.
Installation -309F2002, 310F2002, 311F2002.

Concrete Substrate Only. Tile -12mm+ quarry tile, 7mm+ porcelain tile or packing house tile. Installation -309F2002, 310F2002, 311F2002.




(Passes ASTM C627-93 cycles 1 through 14)
Latex modification mandatory.
Extra heavy and high impact use in shipping and receiving,
food plants, dairies, breweries and commercial kitche

Concrete Substrate Only.
Tile -12mm+ quarry tile, 7mm+ porcelain tile or packing house tile.
Installation -309F2002, 310F2002, 311F2002.



(Passes ASTM C627-93 cycles 1 thought 12)
Latex modifications recommended.
Shopping malls, stores, airport terminals, work areas, laboratories, auto showrooms and service areas.

Concrete substrate.
Tile -10mm+ quarry tile, 7mm+ porcelain tile, 13mm+ terrazzo tile, 10mm+ natural stone,
10+ agglomerated marble or granite, marble or granite.
Installation -309F-2002, 310F-2002,
311F-2002, 312F-2002, Wood substrate -313F2002(A) (100%solids epoxy mortar), 325F-2002(A,E)



(Passes ASTM C627-93 cycles 1 through 10)
Normal commercial and light institutional use in public space of restaurants and hospitals(etc).

Concrete substrate.
Tile - ceramic mosaic or heavier.
Installation -309F-2002, 310F-2002,
311F-2002 and 312F-2002, 325F2002(A,E)



(Passes ASTM C627-93 cycle 1 through 6)
Light commercial use in office space, reception areas, kitchens, bathrooms

Concrete Substrate.
Tile -ceramic mosaic or heavier.
Installation -309F2002, 314F2002, 325F-2002
(A,E and latex Portland cement mortar bond coat
over waterproof membrane. Wood -313F-2002(A,B,C,D) and 325F-2002(B,C,D)



(Passes ASTM C627-93 cycles 1 through 3) Kitchens, bathrooms, foyers

Tile -ceramic mosaic or heavier.
Intallation method - 313F-2002, 314F-2002, 324RF-2002, 325F-2002(A,B,C,D)


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