Terrazzology - Learning Objectives

Learning Objectives

Terrazzo Basics

  • History of terrazzo and the technological advancements that have occurred over time
  • Components of a terrazzo floor system
  • Types and categories of terrazzo, including cement, epoxy or specialty options like conductive and polyacrylate types

Installation Overview

  • Introduction to 09 66 00 Terrazzo Specification Guide
  • Summary of individual steps that illustrate the complete installation of a terrazzo floor from concept to reality
  • Understanding the performance criteria for terrazzo including flatness, crack control options, moisture vapour control, finish options, slip resistance and how they define quality
  • How to properly detail movement joints

Design and Colour Selection

  • Utilizing existing colour palettes
  • Binder colour and aggregate options available from new to pre and post –industrial or consumer types
  • Steps to create a custom colour
  • Divider strip options and placement
  • How to incorporate design elements and patterns into a terrazzo floor
  • Pre-cast elements and how to utilize them on projects

Green Issues of Terrazzo

  • Using recycled aggregates and metals with project examples that illustrate quantity use
  • Indoor air quality benefits
  • Life cycle costs

Care and Maintenance

  • Cleaning and maintenance of terrazzo floors
  • Restoration of existing terrazzo

Case Histories

  • Projects from across Canada that illustrates unique patterns and designs or simple elegant surfaces


  • Summary of topics and key points
  • General observation
  • Sourcing terrazzo suppliers and contractors
  • Concluding Statement

Question and Discussion Period