Join a Committee

Training and Education Committee

This committee oversees all programs for training. Develops new courses, maintains the existing ones. Always looking for volunteers with new ideas for online courses.

Chairperson: Badr Salhia + Andrew Carniel

Membership & COOP Marketing Committee

Chairperson: Sylvie Dzikewich

The biggest and very important committee. Please join the Membership Sub-Committee. Here is what the committee works on:

  • Attend and actively participate in committee meetings.
  • Contribute ideas, suggestions, and feedback on membership-related matters.
  • Participate in the new membership approval process.
  • Assist in creating and implementing membership recruitment campaigns.
  • Help develop engaging content for the association's social media platforms to engage the membership.
  • Provide support and respond to member inquiries as needed.
  • Develop strategies for attracting new members.
  • Reach out to lapsed members, understand their concerns, and encourage them to renew their memberships.
  • Assist in planning and organizing social events, tech talks, workshops, or seminars for members.
  • Collaborate with other committees to promote events.
  • Promote membership benefits at events and industry conferences and TTMAC Convention.
  • Review and understand TTMAC membership benefits.
  • Promote and educate members on the benefits of TTMAC membership.

Technical Research and Specifications Committee

Oversees the updates of existing manuals and identifies the needs for new manuals. You can join the specific sub-committee you feel you are most qualified for.

Chairpersons: Owen Huard, John Alley

Sub Committee: Bill Wright, Nicola Capomasi

Tile Specification Guide 093000: Dale Kempster

Terrazzo 096600 Guides: Jeff Vanderlinden

Dimension Stone Vol. III – Bill Wright

Marketing and Social Media Committee

Chairpersons: Tracy Gibson / Barb Hilderman

Social Committee Chairperson, Join this committee to help plan and organize social events for the association.

Toronto: Sherri Wildman

Vancouver: Steve Bordt

Inspection Committee

Chairperson: Steve Bordt

One of the busiest committees we have, always in need of inspectors throughout Canada and knowledgeable people to be part of this committee.

Tech Expo Committee Chairperson: Badr Salhia

This committee is in charge of all online technical sessions; finding topics for the sessions, speakers and promote to participants.