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Elgin-County-CourthouseDomus-TerrazzoFranklin-Terrazzo Centura-Interior-Head-Office-Centura-Tile Olympia-Tile-ShowroomFlextile-LtdOlympia-Tile-and-Stone Blessed-Trinity-Sanctuary-Renovations-York-Marble-Tile-and-Terrazzo Ensuite-Bathroom-Ceramique-Hugo-SanchezSchluter-Systems Private-Residence-Flesher-Marble-and-Tile Los-Angeles-Airport-Domus-Terrazzo-Supply Edmonds-Pool-Community-Centre-Mapei-IncApex-Granite-and-Tile Centura-Head-Office-Centura-Tile

Elgin County Courthouse – Domus Terrazzo / Franklin Terrazzo

Centura Head Office – Centura Tile

Olympia Tile Showroom –  Flextile Ltd. / Olympia Tile and Stone

Blessed Trinity Sanctuary Reno – York Marble, Tile & Terrazzo

Ensuite Bathroom – Ceramique Hugo Sanchez / Schluter Systems

Private Residence – Flesher Marble & Tile

Los Angeles Airport – Domus Terrazzo Supply

Edmonds Pool Community Centre – Mapei Inc. / Apex Granite & Tile

Centura Head Office – Centura Tile


  • Construction Canada article - "Specifying Precast Terrazzo"

    Construction Canada published a very interesting and informative article on terrazzo, written by Tony Torriano, Past President of TTMAC. Please see the link below for the article:
    Read more

  • Hardsurface Awards 2014

    At the Annual Convention which this year was held in Kelowna, BC, the Hardsurface Awards Winning projects were announced. Please see below a complete list of all categories:

    Terrazzo: Elgin County Courthouse submitted by Domus Terrazzo and Franklin Terrazzo

    Read more

  • In a dispute about a tile or marble installation? Call TTMAC for a third party opinion!

    In this video, Glen Pestrin, CEO of York Marble, Tile and Terrazzo, talks about the organization of which he is treasurer: TTMAC (Terrazzo, Tile and Marble Association of Canada). If you are a contractor who ever has to install a “hard surface” (who among generals or renovators hasn’t?) it’s worthwhile taking the 5 minutes it will take to watch this video.

  • TTMAC Launches the “Tile Installer Thin-Set Standards” (ITS) Verification Online Course

    The “Tile Installer Thin-Set Standards” (ITS) Verification Course instructs installers on industry standards and proper installation methods for the thin-set applications that apply to ceramic tile, porcelain tile, stone tile, glass tile and other types of adhered tile materials. It covers current industry standards as well as common manufacturer’s requirements. This course is also meaningful to architects, general contractors, consultants, inspectors and owners who want to be aware of the industry installation standards and methods.

  • TTMAC Announces New DCOF Testing Capability

    A significant use of ceramic tile and stone involves wet areas requiring long term control of intermittent and/or constant presence of moisture. North America is switching from Static COF (SCOF) with ASTM C1028 method to Dynamic Coefficient of Friction COF (DCOF) with the BOT 3000 to the new recognized and accepted standards ANSI A137.1.
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  • Flooring Assembly Testing

    Do you need to meet ASTM C-627 standards? The Universal Type Floor Tester is a unique machine. This machine is a redesign of the Robinson Floor tester and is capable of carrying out the test for an ASTM C-627 designation.
    Read more

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